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Standing Out In The Sea Of Similarity

February 14, 2012

Properly branding your b(r)and can not only help you make an impact in the scene, but can also help you stand out in the vast sea of similarity. The cold hard truth is there are likely many similar sounding artists in your very region; let alone all the sound-alike artists on the internet. Whether you are trying to achieve fame in your city, region, country, or across the globe, a strong consistent brand can and will help. Creating a strong and unified brand will make you seem professional and increase overall awareness of your band and what you are trying to promote. Here are few quick tips to help your band cement your brand:

LOGO: This is your b(r)and symbol so make sure a) it’s good, b) it stays consistent, and c) it’s readable (unless you’re in an extreme metal band…haha!)

PHOTO: Do you have a professionally shot band photo? Does it contain all your current band members? Is it artistic? Is it boring? After all, they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so you better make sure yours speaks loudly.

BIO: Short and to the point is generally the best angle for most social media websites but your official website should likely have a longer bio with a more detailed history of the band. If you are unable to create a well-written and (most importantly) intriguing biography I would highly recommend hiring someone to help. The bio alone can be a reason why someone chooses to check out your band – make sure it captures the audience!

THEME CONSISTENCY: I realize not every social media page is customizable (*cough, cough – Facebook). However, many pages like Twitter, YouTube, and Bandcamp can be customized and they all need to themed accordingly. In addition to having your logo, photo, and bio the same across all platforms you also need COLOURS (or colors for our American readers). You need to decide on 2-4 colours/shades. I would recommend using colours that compliment your new/upcoming album or your band photo. Another tip, make sure your colours are easily readable. A neon yellow on a light purple background will burn out your retinas fast.

Although these branding tips will certainly help, they will do nothing if they are just attempt to mask mediocre musicianship and terrible song writing. Always keep in mind that branding elements are designed to compliment and enhance the product you are trying to promote; not mask it. Only if your product is sincere and worth sharing can you truly benefit from great branding.


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