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Becoming A Film Star

February 7, 2012

Video content in the internet age is huge. To even begin to try and cover its importance in a single article would result in more confusion than aid. Just look at the number of hits a YouTube video can get; or how many people download movies and television shows. Content has never been easier to create: laptops and cell phones feature increasingly good cameras and prices for higher quality film equipment are getting more affordable every day. Even with these factors, few bands seem to regularly produce any video content at all.

One of the reasons for this lack of video content may stem largely from the idea that bands should only make professional music videos. Getting trapped in that mentality is dangerous and MTV and MuchMusic rarely play any music videos these days. People are your fans because they enjoy what you do and want to consume the things you produce. Put up a video of anything and it can be guaranteed a certain percentage of your fans will watch.

Take a moment to visit YouTube or Vimeo and see the sort of hits a video recorded on an 8-year old camera by people with no creative talent can get. Imagine what is attainable with an already existing fanbase and some research into good filming and editing. You might not go viral or even have near the number hits other videos get but it will open you to a new audience.

YouTube is one of the leading websites where people go to consume and discover new music. Another major factor is that it exposes your music to a worldwide audience you may not currently be reaching. YouTube has its own community that works in its own specific way who may not use other music platforms.

Ignoring any major music platform would be a bad choice for any band: big or small. But YouTube is arguably the biggest and most important and bands MUST pay attention. The fact that videos have such far-reaching potential with minimal effort makes it a necessary part of any artists’ career.


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