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Unpaid Research

January 24, 2012

So often it seems that when people make decisions related to their band they tend to be hastier or spend less time researching things. The most relevant experienced situation personally is when finding someone new to add to the team infrastructure I.E. getting a booking agent, manager, publicist etc. Far too often bands seem to take the first person or company that approaches them for a service or conversely the band will ask the only person they know who does this work.

This mistake seems to occur far too often when related to music only and not outside of this particular industry. It is rare that a person will buy the first car or house they look at, even rarer since the internet and research has become so easy in regard to almost anything. Almost every body these days when wanting to know more about anything will do a quick online search but again and again bands forget to do this.

Repeatedly bands will approach someone who works in an entirely different genre than what they play. Do a quick check and make sure that they fit your style, no point in an electronica band approaching someone who books country shows. Much like you would when applying for a job learn about the company or person and show why you think it would be a good fit. Nobody is going to work with your band if they know that you will just accept anyone on your team.

Something few bands also seem to look at is going outside their region and expanding how many people could potential fulfill the job. A local person is obviously preferred but anyone like a publicist or booking agent can almost always work from afar. Finding people outside the region usually is not hard either, ask other musicians and bands from outside your region for suggestions as to professionals they know. The music industry is based heavily on reputation which makes it easy to know if someone is going to work out.

When you get to the stage of approaching someone know what you can offer them and they can offer you. Never go empty handed or unprepared when first meeting, even if it just an e-mail introduction. The worst thing you can do is not know the end goal and just go in with vague wants. Looking for a booking agent then let them know exactly how much touring and largely where you plan to do it, a publicist will want to know past exposure and plans for upcoming activities like tours and releases, record labels will want to know your recording schedule etc.

Building a good team takes time, research and effort but in the end it should all pay off. As previously explained here you need people dedicated to getting the work done right and just taking the first person you know likely will not in this. It might be tedious and dull but putting in the work to get the right people is compulsory to improving your career.


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