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A Fork In The Road

January 3, 2012

As an artist trying to build your fan base, the most essential thing to do that we have talked about and cited is the importance of gaining new fans (such as in our article The New Golden Rule). In this article however I wanted to look in more depth at two different schools of thought about ways bands can attract new fans.

#1. See what’s working for other artists and try to mimic


#2. Find new and creative ways to reach non-traditional markets

For the first option the advantage is that those methods have been tested and presumably work, the negative is that many other people are also trying these similar routes. Some traditional ways to reach new fans could include approaching local radio and publications, facebook ads, local/regional battle of the bands etc. So even though the method might hold true, the level of competition with your peers is often more difficult and it is more difficult to stand out in the pack.

Since you will be pioneering your own path with the second option, it requires more work and research but the payoff has the potential to be much more rewarding. Some none traditional ways to reach fans could include:

  • Offering to perform a free show for a new local business that’s opening.
  • Approaching tradeshows/non-music festivals like extreme sports or tattooing.
  • Approaching some (target appropriate) businesses about small sponsorships/endorsement deals.  For more ideas please read: Targeting Untapped & Unconventional Markets

For many bands the best approach might be to not put all the eggs in one basket and balance both methods to maximize on how many new fans one can potentially reach. Regardless of the plan of attack you choose the important thing is that your band has a plan to target and reach new fans.


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