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Year End Summary Made Simple

December 29, 2011

With 52 posts under our belts and the year coming to an end it’s time that we did a final summary of most of the major things that we have learned and written about from this year:

– Any money being spent should be an investment not a waste, if you use money and gain nothing from it then you are doing things wrong.

– Proof read everything, grammar can make a huge impression but don’t get too freaked out by it since everyone makes mistakes all the time. They are inevitable.

– Don’t expect to become huge overnight, slowly build up your band and watch it naturally grow.

– Never stop growing, you may grow larger slowly by gaining fans and other things one at a time but the second you stop going forward and growing they can be lost quickly.

– Always keep your fans engaged and have something to talk about. Don’t leak too much info too quickly though, try to keep some quality control to it.

– Do whatever it takes to impress your fans and keep the happy.

– Myspace is dead.

– Learn to use other social media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well as other important music websites like Bandcamp, Youtube and Soundcloud.

– Study the technology that affects you as a musician from graphic design and audio file formats to the basics of website design.

– Technology is always changing so keep up to date on it.

– Avoid getting the people who want to work for you to do it for free, somebody who works for free will only put in a fraction of the effort as they would when paid.

– Image is a huge deal both with your merchandise and with your onstage appearance, make sure that both are respectable. Don’t go overboard and look corporate though as it will create a disconnect with your fans.

– Constantly have something happening at your shows. Much like your career the longer things are stagnant the quicker people leave.

– Gear breaks all the time and at the worst times. Have backup gear and something to do while fixing it. Learn some jokes or how to juggle so the audience does not get bored.

– Labels are dying but can still be a huge help.

– Always check into the legalities of things. Your band is a business and like any other one it should speak with a lawyer when dealing with large sums of money.

– Want to be a professional musician. Then act like one and do what everyone else has to do when becoming a professional.

– Familiarize with the language of the industry. Don’t know what a stage plot is, then you aren’t a professional yet.

– A press release has standards and rules to it, follow these because no one wants to post a poorly written one on their website. Read industry related matter.

– Doctors constantly have to read medical journals to keep up to date so why aren’t you reading musicians magazines.

– You are a brand.

– Be creative, there are tens of thousands of other bands all trying to get the same fans, make them care about you by standing out.

– Get serious about what you do. It’s fine if you want to play music casually but if you expect to make it big then expect to work hard and make sacrifices for it.

– Festivals can be a huge opportunity, try and get into as many that suite your sound are able to play at as possible. Get road side assistance when touring and watch out for moose.

– Money comes from a lot of places so have lots of merchandise, touring, sponsorship, placement etc.

– CDs are dying.

– Practice makes perfect, nobody likes a sloppy band.

– Don’t play too loud, it makes you sound like crap.

– Learn to accept criticism not everyone will like your band you are probably only half as great as your ego leads you to believe.

– Try not to play too often, this will hurt you as no one wants to see you every week. Make each show somehow unique and into an interesting event.

Finally the biggest and most important thing: You are not a fucking rock star, stop acting like it.

– Hassan & Josh

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  1. December 31, 2011 1:21 AM

    Awesome, although I recommend people go back and read the full articles.

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