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Sponsorship Deals

December 15, 2011

After a recent conversation with a friend and member of band while thinking of things to write for this weeks article it came to my attention that this blog had yet to discuss the business of sponsorship. For many this is a difficult choice whether or not to attach their name with another business but to keep this article on topic we will ignore this and just assume that sponsorship is sought. In general there are two forms of sponsorship, in kind and monetary; either can be of huge assistance to a band but a general understanding of both is needed before agreeing to some form of it.

In kind sponsorship means that the band is being supplied with something other than money and can take many forms including free promotion, giveaways, free or discounted gear and instruments, poster printing etc. Generally in kind services are something that will help a band during their tour or at live shows, these generally come from smaller companies though not always.

Monetary sponsorship is just as it sound, where a usually large corporation will give a band a large sum of money to have their name placed everywhere. The value of this is always dependent on the band and negotiable, there is no standard for this or who does it. To figure out a rough value of your band or tour find a few other bands who have received sponsorship and try to find out how much they received.

The most pertinent question of sponsorship seems to be when to seek it with the answer being: When you have more to offer the sponsor than they do you. To elaborate this means when you can go to a sponsor and show them that attaching their name to whatever it is you are doing will not only reach a broad audience but their target demographic. If you can go to a sponsor and show them that not only do your concerts have a regular number of attendees but that they are full of fans that the sponsor wants to reach.

An important part of sponsorship is that both parties involved are happy. As a band you never want a sponsor to be forcing you to do things you don’t want to or expecting you to constantly push them every minute of every day. On the opposite side as a band you need to make sure that you do promote your sponsors and have the proper signage or logo placement when they are involved.

Sponsorship can help a band in countless ways and has the potential to make a tour much more successful of lucrative. While you may not always be able to find a sponsor if one comes along they can be just as valuable to you as anyone else you work with.



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