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Difficulties OF Publishing

December 1, 2011

Repeatedly both industry professionals and bands themselves state that success and monetary gains in music is now found in a variety of fields. These include live sales of merchandise, in store sales of albums, performance royalties, concert shows and many more. The hardest yet potentially most lucrative of these is publishing and licensing your music, these can be anything from having your music played on television or in a movie to someone covering a song.

This revenue stream tends to be difficult for a large number of reasons the least of which is that the people who do this work tend not to advertise themselves too much. Music publishers like to have a large library of music but they tend to receive dozens of new albums a day from bands hoping to get placement which is not feasibly possible. These people also generally have a specific list of things they want, some want acoustic versions of songs they receive as well as originals, they may only accept physical or only digital, they could require lyrics the list goes on.

Another factor in placement can be how the pitch of your music is made, something few know to do and have a chance at. Pitching music is a talent that is extremely hard to develop because so few artists do it and those that do rarely have many opportunities to hone their skills. This is one of the contributing reasons why most musicians will gladly sign a deal with a publishing company to handle these responsibilities. Other reasons can be that a band can be on the road for a few months however the company looking to place the music needs a signed contract returned within two weeks. In this case having someone with the ability to sign on your behalf and handle these interactions can be a huge necessity.

A secondary and possibly even greater positive of publishing is the indirect fans that can possibly gain. Even a small television show or independent movie can still have thousands of fans or people that will see it. If the music placement received is good enough people can pay attention and go out of their way to find the song or band. This however can be a negative as sometimes people will offer you a much lower amount for the rights to your music in exchange for this opportunity.

While it can be a very difficult and complicated task that takes a long period of time to complete investing in getting your music placed can be well worth it. Ignoring any part of the music industry would be foolish but one so lucrative and with such great potential would be career suicide.


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