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Doppleganger Syndrome, Music Style

November 17, 2011

In most everything we as a society, individuals and artists do throughout our lives involves imitating other things we see and adapting it to our situation. As an overall working a lot people have someone they look up to and follow similar steps to reach their goals and grows and this applies to an artist as well. Most obviously this can be seen in the musical influences and style has it should even further extend to how one advertises themself.

So few bands truly do interesting things to stand out from the hordes of other bands when it comes to advertising. Most bands just send out albums for review and radio, maybe even do some promotional youtube videos but nothing more than this. Going the extra mile to advertise your album and band as a whole is not that hard and very easy, do some behind the scenes videos, or advance streaming of a few songs. These are things other bands do and can easily be copied without taking flack.

Other examples can be when Prince gave away his album ‘Planet Earth’ with a newspaper as an easy form of advertising. A perfect example of mimicking with a twist is that less than a year later Radiohead gave their album ‘In Rainbows’ away for free digitally. Another twist on this could be Enslaved who gave away an EP ‘The Sleeping Gods’ for free as long as you provided them your e-mail address. No one calls these band copy cats because they change it slightly.

The majority other industry one person finds success in something other swarm in and copy them. A recent and easily seen example is the tablet market where after one company invested major money and found success everyone else instantly jumped on board and tried to make their own tablet. While it does display how imitation is important it also shows why your own twist is necessary as none of the imitations were successful except for the original.

When you hear about something interesting and successful take note of it and try to apply it to further your career. Not everything you do can be unique and if someone else found success with an idea there is no reason you cannot.


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