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A weighted Career

September 1, 2011

To state that one intends to make a career or living from music is a much deeper and difficult proclamation to make than most people realize. In almost any career one is expected to have a formal education from some form of a post secondary institute or prove to have a self-taught expertise. Even with this most people are expected to spend a period of time as an intern or at the bottom of the work force in order to gain experience before acquiring a preferred job.

Most musicians skip the post secondary education though those that do are generally much more employable in often overlooked part of the industry such a transposing music or teaching. Without an established post secondary education a musician is instantly at a disadvantage knowing how to play multiple instruments and read actual sheet music instead of merely tablature it can be difficult to prove oneself as an expert or a valuable asset.

It can be even harder to prove yourself and get a real start for somebody trying to make it as something other than a musician like a Manager, Promoter, Publicist, Booking Agent etc. This is because there are very educational institutes that teach these things or focus on this industry. There are some though it is likely that moving will be required to attend them; the more regular way to learn any of these careers is trial and error. An internship is pretty rare since few people look at interns with no experience so the average person is unfortunately stuck starting from scratch and learning by mistakes.

While most are unwilling to accept one as intern without experience they are usually more than willing to lend advice and expertise. There are also an incredible amount online and print resources to reference and study which help in avoiding some of the earlier and more common mistake made in the beginning. Once some experience is gained an internship can pursued and depending on the region you live in government funding can be fund to help in this.

Making a career in the music industry while it may be more fulfilling cane be much more difficult and long-term than others. Making music or booking shows for the fun and pleasure is fine enough but should one attempt to make a career out of it realize the depth and in this decision and difficulties that will be faced. In order to make music a career look at it like any other person does with their career and apply the same methods.


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