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Dreams VS. Goals

August 25, 2011

Are you chasing a dream or a well defined set of goals? If you are like most musicians out there you sadly fall into the first category. So what is harm in chasing your “dream” you ask? Well to begin with, dreams are non tangible and are often idealistic thoughts with very little planning which one cannot hope to achieve whereas goals, especially if clear and well defined, are always achievable. If you are chasing dreams the chase will never end. You’ll just keep dreaming away and waiting for things to change instead of setting goals and putting forth the effort to reach them.

Still not clear? Take a look at some examples below:

I want to be rich and famous (dream)
I want to reach our sales targets and receive press and exposure from these publications (goal)

I want to tour the world (dream)
I want to tour eastern Canada, followed by a cross Canada tour and then tour the USA (goal)

Make a bit more sense now? Dreaming won’t get you anywhere, but hard work and defined goals will. Even when you hear an artist who has recently achieved mainstream success say “it was like a dream come true” what they really mean to say is “I busted my ass (or my team infrastructure busted their asses) to get me to where I am today”.

Very little is left to chance so stop dreaming and get to work.


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