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Keep Your Foot On The Gas

July 28, 2011

I hope I’m not shattering any dreams by telling you that the music industry has changed significantly over the last decade. Likewise I hope it isn’t shocking to hear that the proverbial knight in shinning armour (record label) isn’t going to rescue the princess (band) and in fact that the princess is likely going to have to escape from the tower (local venues), fight the dragon (aged scene vets that trying to play gate-keepers) and write their own tale and then, maybe just maybe the prince will take notice.

The cold truth is that bands/artists are now, more than ever at the wheel of their own destiny. So why is it that when a band adds someone to their team infrastructure (be it an indie label, distributor, manager, agent, publicist etc…) that the band takes their foot off the gas and throws out their compass?

I’ll tell you why! Because the dinosaur suits that laid the groundwork for the traditional music industry has ingrained a belief system that the gate-keepers and taste-makers are the “be all, end all” and they would rescue all those deserving. At one point that might have been true, but in 2011 I can assure it isn’t.

You see every person in your team infrastructure is a passenger in your vehicle but NONE of them are at the wheel. Sure the team might often act as a GPS to help guide you along your journey, or as a look-out to make sure you avoid crashing into any large game while speeding down the highway of your musical career but none of them are capable of taking the wheel.

With the right team in place you should be able to make it to the next journey with more ease and convenience than taking the trek on your own. But no matter who is in the vehicle with you, the second you take your foot off the gas and the hands off the wheel you are heading for disaster.


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  1. July 28, 2011 3:35 PM

    Sick man thats sooooo true! at first i thought you were just some dick breaking dreams but your absolutely right! Bands do seem to think they can get lazy once they get on a label or meet any amount of success and i think thats why alot of bands break up.

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