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Keeping Up With Social Changes

July 21, 2011

Speaking of something topical yet by the same token constantly happening, how to react to new social media sites. In particularly happening right now is Google+(said as Google Plus) an attempt by Google to compete against other social media websites and by many kill Facebook. The true results, future and chances that Google+ will give to bands is impossible for anyone to say for sure but there are definite changes in immediate for bands.

The first thing any band needs to do is research whether or not their fans are using the website, if no one  who is a fan of your band is using it then promoting yourself there is a waste of time that could be spent elsewhere. Secondly assuming that your fans are using the website research it and how to properly use it as well as the best ways to interact with people on it. All social media sites have unwritten rules that should be followed and Google+ will already have these and they will continue to grow.

A major mistake people and bands will make is to look too deep into the hype and delete other sites they are on. Goolge+ may be one of the factors that could kill Facebook but it will not be the only one. Facebook and other sites like Twitter are still growing and they will not simply die off quickly and ignoring your fans on there will be a costly mistake.

As it stands now Google+ has some serious drawbacks to it such as not being able to create pages or groups which means that your band will have to create it’s Google+ account as a person. It also does not have any apps or other features to promote with or the ability to create an events. Jumping in early may gain a few fans and could be a great way to get some attention since the system is still in beta there is lots of attention for people an little place for it to go.

Like almost every major change it takes people quite some time to change over, when things like DVDs or Flat Screen TVs came out not everyone instantly had one and a Google+ account will be much the same. There are still millions of people websites like Myspace and for years it has been declared that Facebook killed Myspace. Getting in early can be a huge advantage and let you get some great early promo but don’t believe everything people are saying and make sure to keep promoting yourself as an artists on all the sites you currently use.

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