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Fan Engagement

July 14, 2011

When trying to find who your fans and target market are there are a lot of questions and choices to make, are they young? Old? Male? Female? Hipsters? Vikings?

Who makes up your fan base is a vital question every band should ask themselves. Thanks to sites like Facebook, Reverbnation and Myspace analytics have become easily available but even more important than these types of reports is being aware of who your fans really are. When you see people enjoying your show ask yourself: Who are they? What do they like? Where do they hang out? Then once you answer those you can ask yourself how do you tap into it? How do you reach more people just like them?

Once you determine your target audience then you need to stay in touch with them and keep your band jogging in their memory. One vital step is to start a newsletter (I would recommend using Fanbridge or Reverbnation for this) and communicate with your fans frequently but don’t spam them. It is also very important make sure that every time you send your fans a message you aren’t always pushing the sale.

Make sure you are not sending your fans messages that only read “Buy our new CD!”, “Come see us play live”. “Buy our new T-Shirt” etc… these are all perfectly acceptable things to send newsletters about but make sure this isn’t your only communication with your fans. If it is you will come across as nothing more than a glorified salesman, and no matter how great your band may be we all know how people feel about salesmen.

Instead try engaging your fans with things like “What songs would you like to hear at our upcoming show?”, “Vote for our next T-Shirt Design” or “Win a free CD when you have a friend sign up for our mailing list”. This way you are still mentioning your ‘live performances’ or ‘new CDs or T-Shirts’ but in a more engaging and less intrusive way.

Lastly, it is more than ok to send an occasional letter just letting your fans know how you are doing and what is new in your personal life. It doesn’t always have to be business! The key is to make a real and genuine connection with your fans, after all they are your employers.


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