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Cubicle Life

June 30, 2011

Having spent much time in office call center environments I have come to realize that people are people. Whether trapped in the drone of 9-5 cubicles or being the ambitious unemployed musician, truthfully the majority of people lack ambition and have a false sense of entitlement. (Notably many musicians actually fill menial and occasionally meaningful office jobs).

The desperation of office employees buying group lotto tickets all for the perceived hope of getting out of their cubicle bears a horrible similarity to how many musicians play their own musical lottery where they wait for the big break. It’s a proverbial lottery most musicians play and hope to “make it” in the music industry would be akin to those who win the lottery. The problem being both groups not only lack ambition and drive but more importantly the insight to view the tragic irony in their false hopes.

Our friends in the media love to sensationalize lottery winners, much like they’ll triumph the winner of a ‘battle of the bands’ style contest, over a band which has paid their dues and worked hard. Whether right or wrong, you’d be hard pressed to find an article in the newspaper titled “Band who has been playing and practicing hard for 10 years finally gets a hit single” or for that matter “Employee at company x puts in 10 years at company and climbs the corporate ladder to upper management”.

Despite these stories lacking the sensationalist elements that might make a good cover/lead story, nothing substitutes for hard work and perseverance… NOTHING. Although non-sensational many folks will humbly tell you that this is how they made “it” in their industry. It wasn’t a “lucky” break that made them advance, it was simply a break they earned with hard work, dedication and perseverance.

You can chose your cliché saying “The bigger they are the harder they fall”, “Boom and bust” etc… but instead of waiting, wishing and hoping for the musical lottery to strike your band, why not take some initiative and do something to help differentiate your band from the other 2389472×9 bands in your market? Initiative can be working on your online presence/social media, booking shows, reaching out agents, applying for festival showcases or any of the countless tasks independent bands are forced to handle on their own these days.

Stop leaving your destiny in idle hands and take control.


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  1. Colin permalink
    June 30, 2011 4:45 PM

    i agree with this for the most part…but to many times in real life the one who has worked hard gets picked over simply because the higher ups let a friend in instead. the ole who you know not what you know. it just seems more often then not hard work and diligence makes you finish more last then the “nice guy” if you know what im trying to throw down here.

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