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Don’t Forget The Membership Fees

June 23, 2011

There are many important organizations that are often overlooked or go unknown by artists until late into their career and cause for many a great opportunity to miss. Here is a short list of some of the larger organizations and their relevance. These are only for Canadian artists and organizations however many of these have parallels in other countries.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada known in short as SOCAN. They are responsible for collecting and distributing to artists their performing rights royalties, this encompasses live performances, radio, television, movies and various other forms in which your music is played to other people. Further details on them can be found on their website here and they are very easy to deal with and to report to. There are also government and private companies that handle this in each individual country who are all easily found.

You local Music Industry Association generally called a MIA. For the most they are just called “Music province name here” example: Music Nova Scotia. These are influential to an artists career because they usually regulate and administer government funding as well as running awards. In the case of Western Canada the West Coast Music Awards or WCMAs are run by all four of the MIAs partnering together to present them. The

American Federation of Musicians best known as AFM a bit of a dying industry that was once king. Now most musicians only use the privileges this group grants or only join when they need to gain work visas for another country. It is much easier to obtain these through the AFM though it can be done without joining them and fees are not very much, plus you can join not pay for a year and then join again a few years down the road with no penalties.

The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings or FACTOR an organization that deals in government funding on a larger scale. Usually a band will want to wait until they have reached a point in there career where they can tour cross country confidently though they can look at funding through FACTOR earlier.

While this is not a full list it does contain most of the major players most bands will need to know about. There are also organizations that help with funding videos and almost every other aspect of the industry and all can be found with a quick search on the web.


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