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Reading Assignment

June 9, 2011

For any industry there are countless websites, magazines, movies, T.V. shows and books that detail every aspect it encompasses from the tiniest job to dullest legalities. A perfect example of this is our own personal blog which you are currently reading, however this should not be the only advice or professional website you read.

Any band should be doing their best to keep up with the changes, news and evolution of the music industry to prevent them from making mistakes and to not only appear but be informed and well-educated. There are loads of great industry websites you read, two of the more popular and recognized are Digital Music News and Hype Bot and as an artist these are a great resource. You don’t have to read every post or piece of news, you may not even read either of these sites and instead read another however you should be reading at least a few.

Take note that these are not the only resources available, there are scores of magazines, websites, podcasts and companies that post advice and most are usually great.  Perhaps the above listed are not to your liking but they will likely have a link or repost from something more to your taste. Spend some time and find something that as a person or artist you will want to frequent and learn from. Even this past weekend a piece of paper was handed to me containing new resources I had never heard of before but greatly enjoyed.

Your fans will read more than one review website or magazine and very much so any artists should be reading more than one industry website or magazine. There is more knowledge readily available from more places and in a wider array of formats today than ever before and it keeps growing. No one is expected to know or read every piece of news and advice but using multiple resources allows for different perspectives and a greater pool from which to learn. Gaining news from only one place creates a bias to views and knowledge, it can also result in missing out on stories that the chosen resource may not cover or see.

Artists who do not constantly keep up with the newest changes will be forgotten and lost in the ever-growing ocean of music and bands. Taking a few minutes each day to read and learn what these changes are greatly aids in stopping this from happening and can be enjoyable with a good writer.


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