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Give The Fans A Reason To Care

June 2, 2011

One independent musician, David Gold from Ontario’s ‘Woods of Ypres’ has set a high standard when it comes to marketing to press personnel with the original release of their 2010 album ‘W4: The Green Album’ (which has since been re-released by Earache Records in 2011).  With this release Gold created a press package which left an everlasting impact on nearly every press contact which received the package. Since the album was inspired by Gold’s time in Korea, he included a variety of Woods of Ypres merch but also food, drink and memorabilia from Korea.

Itemized List:

  • 1 x 355 ml can of CASS (Korea’s #1 Beer)
  • 1 x 250 ml bottle of 20% SOJU (Korean Rice Booze)
  • 1 x package of Hell-Hot Spicy Korean Ramen Noodles
  • 1 x Korean barely tea tea bag
  • 1 x Korean Flag Patch (for your metal leather jacket, to show you support Korean Metal!)
  • 1 x W4: The GREEN Album patch
  • 1 x W4: The GREEN Album 1″ button
  • 1 x W4: The GREEN Album 2″ square button
  • 1 x 2CD WOODS OF YPRES – W4: The GREEN Album & NECRAMYTH – “Slaughter of the Seoul”

“Spicy noodles and booze is Korean Metal!” commented Gold, “I wanted to share my experiences from the Seoul, Korea metal scene. I hoped this stuff would pique the listener’s interest, inspire them to imagine themselves in my place, walking a few miles in my shoes, and prepare them to hear something strange and exotic. This wasn’t just any double album… I drummed for a brutal thrash band in Seoul for a year. Then, I wrote an 80 minute doom epic, inspired by my experience. Big projects are do or die, all or nothing’. You have to think, be creative, plan ahead (in this case, over a year ahead), learn how to smuggle booze, mail booze, work the post office, make things exciting, interesting and fun for the listeners and in turn, make an impact on them! Convince them to give a shit and listen! Convince them to care!”

And convince them he has! This promo package contributed to Gold being interviewed by Exclaim! Magazine for the first time in the 8-year career of Woods of Ypres and likewise this promotional incentive has no doubt led to some extra praise (for an already exceptional album I might add!). Beyond the music and artistic input of the album, Gold has also been praised for his creative marketing merit. As a closing point for the article I quote Carl Begai, who writes for BRAVE WORDS & BLOODY KNUCKLES and said following on his website here about the packaging:

“I’d also like to draw attention to Woods Of Ypres’ new record, entitled The Green Album. There’s a review here to give you the long and short of why the album kicks ass, but I think it’s important to stress the fact that the band is still an independent act four albums into their – or rather, frontman/founder David Gold’s career. It’s rather mind boggling to tell you the truth given the quality of the music that he’s issued over the years. Near as I can figure Woods Of Ypres has consistently scared the shit out of bigger name labels with each release because the music is on the brazen side of epic. Think Opeth with more beer in the system. Either that or they’re intimidated by Gold’s all or nothing approach, which consists of sending out promo packages that weigh more than your average full-to-the-brim one liter cup of coffee. And every cent for sending said packages comes directly out of Gold’s pocket.”

So when it comes time to service your next release to press or fans, remember that giving them an extra reason to care, will go a long way.


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