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Understanding The Jargon

May 12, 2011

Every industry has technical terms and unique lingo that are used by insiders but may be unknown to outsiders, generally referred to as nomenclature. We had touched on this particular idea and subject in this article, as an artist it is your responsibility to learn these things and be a professional and use these. Not understanding these things makes your band look sloppy and amateurish to some of the larger more influential companies and individuals who will use these terms everyday like a second language.

Repeatedly bands have asked what a stage plot is and how to make one, a full definition can be found here but in simple terms it is a picture showing the layout of your instruments, gear, inputs and members on stage for the engineers to use. This is important for larger events and festivals, when these people will come to you and ask for one not having it ready or even knowing what that is looks bad on your part and may dissuade them from working with you in the future.

To someone working in an industry for years or formal training knowing these things is a given and as an outsider it may take time and multiple resources to learn these however there are countless books, websites and movies that one can learn from. It would be impossible and unacceptable for a doctor to not know the technical names for medicine and body parts, as a musician the same rules apply.

Taking the time to learn the more technical side of the music industry or any industry you wish to succeed in will elevate your appearance within it from an enthusiast who dabbles a little in it to a well educated professional. This may not seem as if it is necessary as a musician when your manager, publicist and booking agent will know these things but you will also spend time face to face with people and this will improve the impression you leave on everyone.


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  1. October 10, 2011 11:30 AM

    Great reads as always. Here’s a cool site you can make a stage plot for your band if you don’t have one.

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