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Make Music Because It’s What You Love(Unconditionally)

May 5, 2011

Some people seem to have the impression that self-promotion is either unnecessary or shameless; the truth is that promoting your own music is simply a way to express just how much you love your music. If you make music because it is what you love to do then I strongly urge you to start showing it some public display’s of affection so people will know about your true love?

So let’s talk about MAKING LOVE…. musically speaking, of course.

Truth is my love of music has been my one true love for many years now, while people and other hobbies have come and gone my love of music (both creating music and working behind the scenes) has only grown fonder. Sure we’ve had our fights, music has run up my credit cards a few too many times on frivolous purchases, gotten me in trouble more than once, caused my lip to bleed and my eye to blacken, but I still love it and I always will.

There comes a time when one needs to ask themself “Is Music my true love and my day job my Mistress?” or “Will Music remain the Mistress and always take a back seat to the evils of a day job?”

Even more important to this question is which will come first?


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