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The Good Kind Of Lawyer

April 28, 2011

The legal aspects of music are never fun and always take away from the beauty and passion of music but none the less they are very important. A contract or binding agreement is nearly always necessary for anything major your band does. Red Tentacle has a contractual agreement between myself and Josh to avoid any arguments over funds or other such things. The same preventative measures should be in place for your band too. While you may never expect that anyone will leave the band but what if someone gets seriously injured or is forced to leave due to unavoidable problem.

You may not want to think about these things but what if your band strikes it big a year or more after your guitarist has left the band. If you don’t have contract in place for how the new-found money will be divided. Even something basic like a show you should have something that proves the promoter has agreed to pay you a pre determined amount. Sometimes this can be something as simple as an e-mail which can prove this. You may not need an overly complex contract or one drafted by a lawyer for most things but having something in place is always helpful.

The times where a lawyer is absolutely necessary are instances such as entering an agreement with a record label, management deals, licensing deals etc. Actual lawyers who specifically choose music as their career field are usually pretty rare and generally more expensive than a general practice one. This makes it hard to find a lawyer who can fully grasp any of your needs however a general practice lawyer can do the work most of the time. As a musician justifying the cost of a lawyer may be difficult sometimes but it may save you untold sums if you make it large.



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