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A Slowly Dying Titan

April 21, 2011

Years ago, many bands scoffed at the idea of an official website, content to be wrapped in their safety-blanket of the latest band web necessity of the time Myspace. However as the once mighty company continues to drop into obscurity it is becoming more and more relevant as to why bands need full control of their own website as well as the ability to direct their fans to their official “dot-com”.

To begin with purchasing domain names, hosting space, and web designers is easier and more convenient than ever. At the very least even a customized domain name linked to a well designed wordpress or blogspot can suffice.

While it will always be important for your band to have a presence on currently relevant websites such as facebook, bandcamp and twitter who knows what the future will hold for these or the countless others. The key is to utilize these sites to draw fans to your own website. Likewise your website should always have links to your social media pages.

As proof of their decline here is one single fact showing the decreasing size of the former giant.

“The steep decline follows a further round of major redundancies at the start of 2011 and the continued growth of Facebook, which now has 30 million registered users in the UK.

According to the latest comScore figures, MySpace lost 10 million unique users between January and February of this year, going form 73 million to 63 million in a matter of four weeks.

This time last year, when site began the first in a series of major relaunches, MySpace attracted 95 million unique users.

Parent company News Corporation is reportedly still trying to sell off the ailing social network – which had hopes to reinvent itself through its streaming service, MySpace Music and its renewed focus on entertainment content.

At the start of the year Mike Jones, MySpace’s chief executive announced that the company was making 500 staff members redundant and slashing its international operation to a skeleton staff.”
Barnett, Emma “MySpace loses 10 million users in a month” The Telegraph 24 Mar. 2011<>

One thing that is certain is that the world wide web is only getting wider and more accessible to bands and everyone.



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