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Technology A Fast Paced Friend

April 14, 2011

Keeping up with all the changes and technical aspects of the digital side of the music industry can be difficult for those who continually read the latest news and updates. Having multiple file formats is now a necessary and norm for the current digital industry, it can get confusing at times so here is a brief summary of some of the more common files and their uses.

Vector/lossless image files – This is a file format that does not degrade when made larger or repeatedly resaved, e-mailed or changed. These are great for things like banners or the web where the image may be made large. Extension examples: .ai, .eps, .tif

CMYK – Standing for Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and blacK. They use this term because these are the colour tones used when printing, which is the primary use for this file format.

RGB – Standing for Red, Green, Blue. This file type is used for online and T.V., this is due to the fact that the screens on computers and television use the combination of these three colours to create all the colours on screen.

Wav and Flac – These are lossless file formats in music and are generally used for master files and editing. Usually the times these will be used is while recording or having the CDs manufactured. You should always keep these formats in case something comes up like a reprint or edit however you will find that .mp3 will be used far more in your career.

Tehnology can be a difficult thing to keep up with but even a very basic understanding of most things can be a huge help to anyone in the music industry.



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