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Making Facebook More Enjoyable For Everyone

April 7, 2011

As the social media monolith facebook continues to help bury myspace into the pile of outdated internet of yore it is becoming increasingly more apparent that bands (and promoters) have yet to grasp a sense of facebook promotion etiquette. If you missed our previous article on “Three Tips To Maximize Your Band Presence On Facebook” you can view it here. To further upon the previous article I bring you more tips to maximize your bands presence on Facebook and to helpt make everyone’s experience with Facebook a little less agrevating.


As I gazed over my 32 facebook invites yesterday, it occurred to my dismay that four (yes 4) of my invites were in my home market (Halifax, NS) and the other 28 invites were out of city, province and even country. So with with less then 10% of the invites I receive actually being targeted correctly it is becoming increasingly tempting to hit “NO” in response to all invites. A quick survey amongst peers and friends leads me to believe I’m not alone.

So what is the solution? Simple, Friend Lists!

Step 1: Go under your “Friends” tab.

Step 2: Select “Edit Friends”.

Step 3: Select “Create A List” and create one for your home market (i.e. Halifax, NS).

Step 4: Search for your city name by going under the “Search by Current City” option in the search field.

Step 5: You should now have all your friends who have listed their current city as your market and then you can go through the painstaking task of selecting each person in your city and adding them to your list. This will take a bit of time to manually add each friend into the new list, however this beats either filtering your invites every time you send a new invite or sending invites to ALL friends and having people all across the country post comments on your event wall.

After you do this all you’ll need to do when you go to invite friends to your next event in this market is filter your new Friends List. This will only invite friends in your market and avoid the pesky invites to friends and peers in other cities, provinces and countries.

Please note: When you add submit or receive a “Friend Request” there is now an option that says “Add to List” so you can instantly add them to your previous established lists as you add new friends.

If you host events outside of your main/home market, it might be worthwhile to create other friend lists for other geographical regions. If your event is set up under a Group page and you check off the box “Invite all members of the Group” option under sending invites it will not filter (as people who belong to groups you administer do not need to be your friend). This means that if you invite every one on your group page you could be sending your Calgarian friend and invite to a Halifax show this coming weekend.


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