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Why Dreaming of ‘Making It’ Will Get You Nowhere

March 24, 2011

The goal of wanting to “MAKE IT” is useless at best. Not including the difficult task of even defining “Making it” if you’ve read my previous article “Past, Present And Future: Where Is Your Band’s Focus?” you know my thoughts on day dreaming of the future instead of reacting to the current. As well if you have read “Think Big In Little Steps” you will see that no goals, no matter how large in scale, are unachievable if you are willing to break them down smaller steps or sub-tasks.

Although a day-dream of fame, success and stardom might seem innocent enough it can actually be detrimental to actually “making it” or at least progressing forward. Your goal of success is nothing more than a dream and this does nothing but consume the mind idly. Let me ask you this: What’s wrong with right now?

Do you think things will be better for your career, next week, next month or next year? Even though it’s true that many artist careers will progress over time, if you always have the perception things will get better, that means you either a) don’t think too highly of the present situation or b) aren’t fully aware of what is happening at the present time. Therefore if you aren’t paying attention to the present situations this could very likely lead to miss opportunities as you are too busy focusing on an imaginary future to capitalize on a current opportunity. Furthermore what better way to achieve greater accomplishments over time then to start putting things in to action right now?

So next time you find yourself in a blissful day-dream of your musical career on a higher platform try to be conscious and focus that energy on what you can do right now to grow and expand your career as an artist.


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