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Silence Is An Expense

March 17, 2011

When the music stops fans stop caring, this is a pretty obvious assumption and connection. Ever notice how when your or the previous band stops playing half the crowd leaves to smoke and the other rushes to the bar for a drink. The less time spent between music ending and music starting again the less people you lose and the more people you keep in the bar and
potential fans to gain.

The most integral part of a quick change over is gear sharing, without a common back line of a shared Kit (usually minus breakables) and amps (again usually minus heads) a change over will take too long. Anything longer than 20 minutes for smaller local bands and the crowd will choose to leave and find another venue with active music. Unless you are the main headliner of a show or at a point where your shows are big enough to afford people to move gear for you a complete change of gear will always take too long. Get over your own ego and accept that someone else’s gear will suffice.

Even if you play very intricate music and it won’t sound as good without your own gear it is always better to sound good to 100 people than great to 50. Perfection is always something a musician should strive for even but don’t let your demands for perfection ruin it for your fans. Unfortunately if it takes you 40 minutes to get everything on stage the way you want it and no one is left in the bar then nobody wins.


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