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Grab That Cash With Both Hands And Make A Stash

March 3, 2011

Door price can be a huge factor in how many people attend your show, I have witnessed a lot of strategies to try and us this to get people into the show. An increasing door price per hour, I.E. at 10 p.m. it costs $8, by 11 p.m. it costs $9 by 12 p.m. it costs $10 etc. Cheaper in advance than at the door, cheaper door price if you are/do X, I.E. ladies night women get in for $5 and men for $8 or Halloween if you wear a costume save $2. Unfortunately from my experience this really only gets a few extra people through the door, which is great every person does count but it is by no means a reliable way to drastically increase the attendance.

The only practical way to get people in the door is an appropriate door price, smart planning and good luck. To set an appropriate door price for your band just take a look at bands of similar size; the standard for that being those who have a same number of fans, tour an equal amount and have similar merchandise sales. Make sure that if another show of similar music style is happening on the same night that you do not set your door price too much higher; the same rule applies for weeknight shows, try not to set it high because for a weeknight show it is much harder to convince people to come out. Ultimately though Luck can be a huge factor, on times like a rainy night or where someone makes a last minute party that can hurt you and only luck will save you.


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