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Early Promotion: Necessary And Dangerous

February 10, 2011

I need to state that ALL BANDS should be promoting their music. But it is a fine line in which you don’t want to promote too much, too early. If you are a newer band over killing what little hype you initially attain can be as harmful as it is helpful to you.

SITUATION: A lot of new bands rush to put poorly recorded demos on their website.

PRO: Fans can hear what you sound like.

CON: Your recordings sound like shit! If you are a new band and do not have other music for fans to hear please remember that this may be many people’s first impression of your band. Countless times I’ve checked out a myspace of a new band and closed the window in less then 30 seconds because it sounds like shit; only to see the band live or hear the proper recordings a few months later and be shocked about how great the band was.

SOLUTION: Instead of releasing poorly recorded music to the masses by placing it directly on your website/myspace etc…, why not “get creative” (I’ll be saying that a lot over these next few pages!) and try something similar to one of the following:

1. People listen with their eyes; yes that is right, with their eyes. Why not ask a friend to record a few songs on a video camera at a show and post a video of the best song up on youtube (embedded in your website/myspace as well). The audio may suck on this (likely even worse than the rough demo) however people can see the band and are more likely to forgive the recording quality since it is a video. (This is especially beneficial if the band has a captivating live presence or the crowd is noticeably into the music.)

2. If your band is online savvy, using a service like Tweet for a Track ( to engage your hardcore fans (which may be just friends and family for a new band) is a great idea. Tweet for a Track is a free service, how it works is that you upload a song and post a tweet about the song being available for free download… the catch is to get the free download your fans need to retweet the message and then they are sent the download link automatically.

3. Another option would be not releasing raw tracks/demos until the album is complete and then including the demoed tracks as bonus material on the disc itself or on a service like Dropcards ( For those unaware Dropcards are essentially a plastic card similar to a credit card (they also offer environmental options for Green enthusiasts) that you can customize with artwork and give (or sell) to fans with a unique code that allows them to access and content you’d like to upload (ex. Music, Pictures, Video etc…).


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