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The New Golden Rule

February 3, 2011

Do whatever it takes to earn a new fan. This is the new golden rule to surviving in the music industry. It sounds like one of those horrible grotesquely cheesy Wal-Mart styled slogans but it really does work. The best example of this I can give is if at the end of the night someone comes up to the bar and says they only have $4 left but want an album you normally charge $10 for but this person swears they only have $4, give them the album. Firstly it should only you cost $3 to make the album so you have still made a profit, secondly it is a fan gained.

If you had not given them the album this person probably would have bitched about it for a few days then completely forgotten about your band. As a result of you giving them the album though they now probably are a fan who will not only buy your next album but also go to most of your shows and purchase your other merchandise. Be reasonable about this, clearly don’t go around spending money giving away free stuff to gain fans unless you have a smart plan like giving away drop cards or stickers/buttons but do what it takes to gain fans who for years, maybe even decades will continue to support you.



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