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It’s Going, It’s Going, It’s Good

December 30, 2010

Let’s face it, your band is less creative than you think it is. Now I’m not saying that you are plagiarizing your favourite music but likewise you aren’t reinventing the wheel here either. So when you have a chance to pitch your band to an industry personnel (or even a perspective fan for that matter), don’t respond to the “What’s your band sound like question?” with “It sounds like something you’ve never heard before” because a) chances are you’re wrong and b) that is the most vague description of musical sound that has ever been given.

Instead why not answer the question with a descriptive and intriguing pitch. An example of a great pitch by Moncton, New Brunswick’s own The Divorcees is: “The Divorcees are the hard liquor sandwich of Americana 1 shot Jagger (Cash) 1 shot Tequila (Willie) 1 shot Whiskey (Waylon)”.

This pitch actually won them an international “pitch your band” contest through Ariel Publicity / Cyber PR back in 2009 and is not only incredibly creative but also very descriptive as to what their sound might be.

A good pitch goes a long way.


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